To Chelsea

August 1, 2017 | humor | No Comments


Chelsea’s now gone years ago
Her coat of charcoal mixed with snow
Of all God’s creatures, most divine
Was she, our spirited canine
Where dogs go, and what they do,
May be a mystery to you
Her exploits brought her great renown
Chasing varmints round and round
Oftentimes, on coming back,
A pleasant odor she did lack
Once, returned from a path unseen
From nose to tail she’d turned to green
But now she’s gone and here I lie,
Remembering those times gone by
When in a dream upon my bed
A canine angel spoke and said,
“Be watchful of your dialogue :
There is no ordinary dog”
“She now abides a better place
Where in the hunt she wins the race”
In earnest did the angel tell:
That doggie heaven is squirrel hell

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about author

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