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Nanny Technology

June 27, 2018


Tuesday morning, 9:07 a.m. In the not too distant future:     Hal: Hey, Car! Take me to Dunkin Donuts!   Driver Assistance Vehicle, Enhanced (DAVE): I’m sorry, Hal. I’m afraid I can’t do that. And my name is DAVE.   Hal: Whaddya mean, you can’t take me?   DAVE: According to your purchase history,…

To Chelsea

August 1, 2017


Chelsea's now gone years ago Her coat of charcoal mixed with snow   Of all God's creatures, most divine Was she, our spirited canine   Where dogs go, and what they do, May be a mystery to you   Her exploits brought her great renown Chasing varmints round and round   Oftentimes, on coming back,…