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The Star of Bethlehem

December 15, 2021


A Mystery of the ages One of the most evocative elements in gospel accounts of our Lord’s birth is the reference to a “star in the east” that led mysterious Magi to travel westward bearing gifts to honor the newborn King. It has inspired glorious music and artwork - and no end of speculation concerning…


In last Saturday’s New York Times, Christian columnist Ross Douthat asks, “Can the Meritocracy Find God?” "The secularization of America probably won’t reverse unless the intelligentsia gets religion,” writes Douthat. Nor is he sanguine for the prospects of that occurring. Douthat postulates two primary obstacles. First, “a moral vision that regards emancipated, self-directed choice as…

Brave New World 2.0

June 19, 2019


Oh, wonder!How many goodly creatures are there here!How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,That has such people in ’t                  -(William Shakespeare, The Tempest) We yearn for a day when all disease is eradicated, human power and intelligence transcend our feeble frames, and death is vanquished. The…


The State of the Evangelical Mind Reflections on the Past, Prospects for the Future  Edited by Todd C. Ream, Jerry A. Pattengale, and Christopher J. DeversIntervarsity Press, Dec 11, 2018 Mark Noll's 1994 "The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind" addressed his perceived lack of intellectual rigor in the American Evangelical community of the early 1990's.…

Lost in Math

October 30, 2018


Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astrayby Sabine Hossenfelder. Basic Books, June 2018. Reviewed by Steven Willing, MD “Physical laws should have mathematical beauty”. Paul Dirac, Nobel Laureate* Way back in 1973, the world of theoretical physics reached a dead end. That year marked the last successful prediction of any elemental particles - the…