The Spaniel and I are pleased to announce the culmination of our work over many years, the release on Amazon of Superbia: The perils of pride. The power of Humility.

Andrew Murray wrote that pride lies at the root of every defect and failure. Political polarization? Workplace conflict? Marital discord? Church splits? Pride lies at the root of all. In this book, I explain how and why.

In the words of pastor and friend Ethan Moore, of Trinity Church Vail:

Combining cutting edge research with a consistent Biblical world view, I have never read (indeed, it may not exist) a more thorough, well written, and accessible exploration of pride and humility.  I can’t recommend it enough.  If you think ‘I don’t need to read a book on pride’, trust me, you do.  I did.

One of my early reviewers, Glenn Lafitte, President Emeritus of Inspiracom, described it in these terms:

“I am blown away….I have been blessed devotionally in having had the privilege of reading your draft. In my opinion, it is the equal of any work of popular theology I have ever read, and superior to the vast majority.”

By recognizing the symptoms of pride, and replacing it with the practices of humility, this points the way toward a healthier life and a healthier church.

It doubles as a work of apologetics, showing how the most compelling research in cognitive psychology validates ancient Biblical teaching — and demolishes contemporary secular narratives.

As explained on the back cover:

Christians today feel under siege, and their influence is dwindling. Despite unprecedented affluence, the scourges of mental illness, drug addiction, and loneliness are at an all-time high. Political, racial, sexual, generational, and religious polarization is ripping us apart.


Sometimes, the profoundest truths are the most ancient.

In this provocative new work, apologist, neuroscientist, and author Dr. Steven Willing explores the age-old and forgotten sin of Pride, demonstrating a startling harmony between Biblical precepts and cutting-edge research in how our minds work. In that wisdom we find answers to some of our most challenging questions:

  • What is the key to unlocking the mystery of human behavior?
  • What is the root of most conflict and failure?
  • How can smart people believe crazy things with complete certainty?
  • Why is the Church so divided?
  • Why are we doing so well at making converts, but so poorly at making disciples?
  • What is the single greatest impediment to personal success and happiness?
  • How come the “experts” disagree over everything? Can we trust them? Should we?

But it doesn’t end there. The remedy lies in the Virtue of Humility, the only means by which we become vessels of God’s mighty power.

This is an apologetic work revealing how the most recent research affirms ancient Biblical precepts.

This is a devotional book to bring you closer to God and to deeper inner freedom and peace.

This is a leadership manual focused on the single greatest – and most ignored – obstacle to effectiveness.

We are all afflicted by a fatal flaw. Superbia will show you how to recognize it, and how to overcome it.

Read this if you dare. You will never think the same again.

Superbia dives into my themes of the last few years in a comprehensive way, and is the culmination of many years of research and writing. I hope you will give it a thought, and spread the word to your friends, colleagues, and contacts. And please leave a review on Amazon!

About Author

about author

Steven Willing MD, MBA

Dr. Steven Willing received his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia, completed an internship in pediatrics from the University of Virginia before undertaking a residency in diagnostic radiology at the Medical College of Georgia, and a fellowship in neuroradiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Willing spent 20 years in academic medicine at the University of Louisville, the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). He also earned an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1997.

During his academic career, Dr. Willing published over 50 papers in the areas of radiology, informatics, and management. He is the author of "Atlas of Neuroradiology", published by W. B. Saunders in 1995.

Now retired from clinical practice, Dr. Willing serves as a radiology consultant to Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya both remotely and on-site. He is presently the Alabama State Director for the American Academy for Medical Ethics, an adjunct Professor of Divinity at Regent University, and a Visiting Scholar for Reasons to Believe.

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